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UR10 boosts production Orkla Foods

Challenge On January 1, 2014, Orkla Foods Sverige was "born", after a successful integration of the three food companies Abba Seafood, Procordia Food and Frödinge. Based in Eslöv, the company has a number of production facilities throughout Sweden. Currently, they are located in Eslöv, Tollarp, Fågelmara, Frödinge, Kungshamn, Örebro, Vansbro


PalletSolver Software

Dayton, OH (November 2016) —PalletSolver® is a revolutionary, feature-rich robotic palletizing software suite for Motoman® robots. This dynamic package permits the setup of pallet patterns and robot motion on a PC (PalletSolver PC) so that the robot does not have to be taken offline for teaching. PalletSolver enables quick changeovers