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Advice on laser coding solutions for the food and beverage industry

lobal coding and marking specialist, Markem-Imaje, has produced a guide to help manufacturers meet the technical challenges commonly encountered on today’s production lines. The guide focuses on laser coding technology specifically and considers how the use of more complex and longer codes coupled with increasingly demanding regulatory standards for instance, is affecting every-day operations.

Illustrating how new technology including improved cooling systems, reduced maintenance requirements and improved reliability are helping manufacturers cover the most difficult applications, the guide challenges out-dated perceptions and shows how laser coding solutions can offer financial savings as well as improving coding quality.
Stéphane Valette, group laser product manager, said: “Our advanced laser technology has been engineered to operate at very high speed and to print high quality codes while being reliable. After 3 years of experience, our laser coders prove to be more reliable than the other coders on the market. The reliability tests we conducted in extreme conditions confirm a MTBF* of 60,000 hours!”
To find out more, download the guide.
 (*) MTBF = Mean Time Before Failure