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KRC Series Shrink Tunnels Deliver High Speed, High Shrink Ratio, High Reliability

PDC International Corporation has expanded its line of continuous-duty shrink tunnels to include systems that use infrared and hot air convection – as well as combinations of these methods.

PDC shrink tunnels process heat shrinkable sleeve labels, tamper evident bands, multipacks and pre-forms.  Systems are engineered for continuous service and provide exceptional precision at speeds up to 600 cpm.

PDC shrink tunnels deliver an exceptionally high “shrink to energy” ratio, so film consistency is high, the product’s visual appeal is optimized, and energy consumption is kept low.  Hot air within the tunnel circulates in a unique, “surround” pattern, producing uniform shrinkage and is redirected into the blowers for optimal efficiency.

Adjustability allows PDC shrink tunnels to be usable for a wide range of applications.  Systems can accommodate filled or empty containers of all shapes and materials.   Operating temperature range is ambient to 600o F, and temperature fluctuation from the set point is minimal.

PDC shrink tunnels are dual-wall, 18 or 20-gauge stainless steel, with single or multiple heat zones.  A secondary stainless steel outer skin protects operators from high temperatures to maximize safety.  Tunnels can be free-standing, or installed suspended, adjacent to a conveyor.  Compatible films include PVC, PETG, OPS, and PLA; freezer grade, UV barrier and many exotic films can also be used.

PDC shrink tunnels can be sequenced, and pre and post-shrink modules can be configured for special applications.  Pre-Shrink systems apply focused heat ahead of the shrink tunnel to preheat the container, and/ or optimize positioning of the shrinkband or shrink sleeve label.

Post-Shrink systems apply concentrated heat following the product’s exit from the tunnel, to complete the shrinking of the sleeve.  The set-up process for all equipment is streamlined and straightforward, and can be completed in a few hours.

An available product counter and tunnel interlocks, to verify product exit, can be supplied for applications involving aerosol, heat sensitive or flammable products.  Also available are “zero access” guarding, and NEMA 4 electrical enclosures.

PDC’s can test your product in our Shrink Lab and will provide shrink sleeve material specifications in order to optimize product appearance.  Sample testing, prototypes and sales samples can be produced for your review.  For more information, contact Gary Tantimonico at 203-853-1516 or sales@pdc-corp.com.  PDC International Corp.  Norwalk, CT.

forrás: http://www.pdc-corp.com

2017. február