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BPX Strapping System Increases Efficiency for Lumber Operations

GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS — Designed to deliver maximum package reliability in a simple to operate and easy-to-use machine, Signode Packaging Systems introduces the innovative BPX Lumber Strapping System. Engineered with a number of cost and timesaving features to facilitate easier maintenance and operation, the BPX reduces maintenance time to maximize productivity.

The BPX’s innovative features and overlapping functions result in maximum load stability. It starts with unique independent side compression for improved load squaring and alignment. Unlike other systems, the BPX pre-folds edge protectors prior to placing them on the load to ensure consistent strap tension. Battens are precisely delivered to the load and held securely in place until strapping had concluded. Together, these features enable faster and more consistent strapping of lumber and panel packages.

The BPX’s automatic load pre-staging prepares the platen and side compression bars to accommodate variable size loads, shortening the cycle time. Its highly intuitive, user-friendly HMI provides quick and easy diagnosis of service-related issues.

To simplify maintenance, the BPX features a modular design with separate tensioning and sealing heads. The strapping heads are constructed with fewer moving parts and more durable wear parts, making them far more cost efficient to maintain than other strapping heads. A simple design using no belts, pulleys or adjustments ensures minimal maintenance. Weighing less than 44 lbs each, the heads are easy to access and remove without requiring special tools or handling equipment. When utilizing a spare head during routine maintenance, downtime can be limited to a matter of minutes.

Signode built features into the BPX to enhance operator safety. An automated platen latch maximizes safety for working underneath the platen when the machine is in a de-energized state. Remote strap feeding eliminates the need to enter the machine area to reload strap. A separate high/low voltage cabinet simplifies PLC communication and control voltage work. Large capacity consumables reduce replenishment intervals. And multiple e-stops are located around the machine for quick shut down.

Signode Packaging Systems is a multinational manufacturer and supplier of plastic and steel strapping, and the application equipment and accessory products for each.

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