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New version of FLEXLINK RC10 available

The palletizing cell with collaborative robot, RC10, just got better! FlexLink now launches version 2.2 of this standardized machine. The update includes sensitive paddings, improved robot program, user instructions in 18 languages as well as shortened lead time to shipment.

Easy palletizing with collaborative robot

The new standardized palletizing cell with collaborative robot from FlexLink is compact, quick to install and easy to configure. The use of a collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint by over 50%, compared to cells with industrial robots, maximizing your production floor space.

The palletizing cell is CE-marked and the control box and control cabinet has both been updated as well.

Safe and low operating cost

The collaborative cell is user-safe, making a fence system or cage unnecessary and instead lets the operator work side-by-side with the robot. It is a single pick unit, working at up to 8 boxes per minute with a maximum load of 8 kg each. The solution permits continuous operations where the operator easily can remove one complete pallet without stopping the collaborative robot.

Modular and easy to move

An internal vacuum pump is included which makes it possible to effortlessly move the palletizing cell, no external air supply is needed. The vacuum pump is quiet making the operators work environment more pleasant.

The standardized palletizing cell with collaborative robot comes with one electrical cabinet, delivered with the possibility to be powered by both 110V and 230V, driving the conveyor and the robot.

The standardized cell is easy to move and put in place thanks to the docking station.

Easy to install and configure

The smart design with quick connectors contributes to a fast and easy installation in only a couple of hours. FlexLink’s tablet application with intuitive interface ensures easy layer configuration, without any need for complicated robot programming.

The end-of-the-line palletizing cells is also included in FlexLink Design tool for quick and easy design with simulation features.

The palletizing solution comes with the possibility of several different modifications such as conveyor position and length, grippers, vacuum and pedestal.

 forrás: flexlink.com 2017.11.30