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Bosch shows jelly equipment at ProSweets 2018

New gelatin gummy and chewing gum production technologies

  • Starch-free depositing technique for pure gelatin gummies
  • Depositing technique for chewing gums
  • Single-source solutions provider offering increased levels of support

At ProSweets 2018, Bosch Packaging Technology will showcase its testing equipment for jelly production, including medicated and functional gummies, such as cough lozenges, omega-3 and mineral-enriched products, as well as other supplemented jellies. On display will be the laboratory depositor, which enables jelly producers to accurately test new products while quickly ramping up production of tested recipes to an industrial scale. As a first, the lab depositor will be equipped with a removable spraying unit for starchless automatic depositing. For effective processing and depositing of jelly candies, Bosch presents its upgraded Rapidsolver BLK 2500 BR. Manufacturers benefit from Bosch’s extensive knowledge in medicated confectionery, plus its years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector as well as its complete system solution offerings; from raw material weighing and dosing, primary, secondary right through to end-of-line packaging.

Starch-free depositing of pure gelatin gummies

At Pro Sweets Bosch Confectionery Technology introduces its starch-free depositing technique for the production of pure gelatin gummies in silicon moulds. Thanks to a new developed kitchen and depositing features, commercial standard gelatin can be used which allows cooling and demoulding in less than 20 minutes. This new technology is especially interesting for companies searching for a starch-free production of e.g. OTC or functional gummies.

Deposited chewing gums

Together with Wacker Chemie AG, Bosch Packaging Technology developed a new way to produce chewing gums by using processing and depositing equipment for the jelly production. This gives manufacturers the advantage to produce chewing gum as well as jellies on the same processing and depositing equipment.

Complete on-site testing capabilities

GML03 lab enables jelly testing in smaller volumes, perfect for experimental or seasonal product sampling. It allows manufacturers to upgrade current products and develop new recipes without disrupting their regular production processes. With an exchangeable pump system and a choice of different sizes of servo-controlled pistons, the lab depositor is able to process a wide range of product formulas to produce jellies, hard candies, toffees, fondant and other confectionery masses, including single, one shot, striped and striped with filling. To ensure scalability of the process, the depositor features the same recipe precision and ability to recreate that recipe, as found on industrial equipment.

With hygienic design high on the agenda, Bosch designed all GML03 parts that come into contact with product from stainless steel – in line with the FDA requirements. By achieving hygienic and authentic production standards, experimental results can be easily transferred to existing machines and systems, reducing time to market and giving manufacturers competitive edge.

Effective processing and depositing of jelly candies

Furthermore, Bosch presents its upgraded Rapidsolver BLK 2500 BR for dissolving jelly masses, featuring a patent-pending heat recovery system used to preheat the mass, which offers up to 50 percent less energy consumption and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, energy-saving dissolving is achieved through the optimized design of the machine, allowing steam pressure to be reduced by 0.3 bar, further relieving thermal stress on the product and preserving its quality and taste. The machine’s new hygienic design enables shorter cleaning times by eliminating areas that can trap food residues and cause contamination.

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers can learn more about Bosch’s lab and processing solutions for jelly in hall 10.1., booth F10 at ProSweets in Cologne, Germany, January 28 to 31.

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