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Interroll introduces new oil-free drum motor

Interroll is now introducing a new version of its oil-free drum motor based on the new and improved Interroll Drum Motor Platform.

Already back in 2010 Interroll introducedthe first oil-free drum motors. Since then, thousands of oil-free motors have been installed and are currently in useas a proven solution for many applications, in particularin the food industry. The oil-free drum motors now being introduced into the market are drum motors based on the new and improved Interroll Drum Motor Platformthat has beenon the market since 2017.Synchronous oil-free drum motorsare by nature very efficient, which means less heat losses and a much higher power density, as opposedto asynchronous oil-free drum motorswhich are prone to overheating and power reduction and thereforeloss in torque.

Compared to standard drum motors, the oil-free motor’s performance is only minimally impacted by the different type of lubrication. Also, compared to a standard asynchronous motor, oil-free synchronous motors are stronger and betterperforming. But they require a frequency inverter and speed and torque are slightly reduced compared to a standard synchronous motor lubricated with oil. However, high-speed applications are still possible if the belt pull force is sufficient. This is also true for low-speed applications. Typical oil-free motor applications include transportation and packaging of lightweight goodssuch as candy, chocolateorpralines.

No leakage issues in sensitive production processes

Food manufacturers who have to comply with certain restrictions regardingfood contaminationbenefit from this new option. Oil-free drum motors can be used forany application where the belt moves slowly (i.e.,when the production process is in steps and accuracy is of paramount importance, like portioning and cutting for instance).

When installed correctly, Interroll Drum Motors have no leakage issue. The oil-free drum motor makes the entire production flow safer as it eliminates any potential risk of oil contamination.It works well in cool temperatures, which are often a requirement in the food manufacturing sector.In certain industries such as fish processing, the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group(EHEDG)recommends the use of oil-free motors.

forrás: 2019.05.09