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Interroll receives sorter order from Actemium Lyon Logistics for French postal hubs

Systems integrator Actemium Lyon Logistics and Interroll win the bid for three sorters for French postal players La Poste, DPD and Viapost. The order makes the 400th sorter order worldwide for Interroll.

Three of these sorting systems will be installed for three different entities within the La Poste group in France: La Poste Roissy Hub (August 2020 – Roissy), DPD (July 2020 – Billy-Berclau) and Viapost (June 2020 – Argonay).

The rising e-commerce is leading to a steady increase in parcel volumes worldwide, more diversified packaging, as well as higher expectations on the delivery time. These trends are posing new challenges for La Poste’s logistics companies, in particular when it comes to the processing and sorting of packages.

To meet these challenges in a flexible and efficient way as an integrator, Actemium Lyon Logistics developed a concept to apply the latest conveyor and sorting technologies as well as state-of-the-art Warehouse Control Systems solutions for the three sorting platforms.

“These new orders came also on the basis of many years of successful collaboration between Actemium Lyon Logistics and Interroll,” said Nicolas Jaffeux, Postal and Express Department Manager Actemium Lyon Logistics, and Bruno Maisonneuve, Business Unit Manager of Actemium Lyon Logistics. “Actemium is an active partner in Interroll’s ‘Rolling On Interroll’ program.”

400th sorter order for Interroll

Interroll offers horizontal and vertical crossbelt sorters for fully automated sorting processes in the courier, express and parcel service providers market. Throughput rates of 2,000 to 15,000 units per hour make the Interroll Crossbelt Sorter a highly efficient sorter for goods of all types.

With the addition of a new infeed module, Interroll has expanded its modular platform solutions for particularly efficient material flow. It is perfectly designed to work with Interroll Crossbelt Sorters. The new infeed modules combine higher infeed speeds with reduced space requirements to offer a substantial potential increase in goods flow in automatic sorting systems. In addition, their very low noise level guarantees a comfortable working environment for operators working in the vicinity of the installation. Finally, the mechanical design of Interroll’s mechanical crossbelt sorters limits energy consumption to a strict minimum, while offering very high availability and flexibility in its use, ensuring a low environmental footprint.

“With Interroll’s flexible sorting solutions and the collaboration with Actemium Lyon Logistics, we look forward to further contribute to the performance and flexibility of postal companies worldwide,” says Gilles Calvez, Managing Director of Interroll France.

forrás: 2019.12.06

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