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Tofusan and SIG team up to launch Thailand’s first organic UHT soymilk in aseptic carton packs

Start-up company Tofusan, founded by Suranam Panichakarn in 2011, and SIG team up to launch Thailand’s first organic UHT soymilk in aseptic carton packs. After enjoying rapid growth to become the market leader in pasteurized soymilk, with a 65% market share in Thailand, Tofusan has now launched its first premium organic UHT soymilk in original flavour and low sugar varieties in combiblocMini aseptic carton packs from SIG.

Tofusan approached SIG as they strongly believed their unique ‘less is more’ natural premium soymilk, made only from organic USDA-certified soybeans and organic sugar without emulsifiers and stabilizers or creamer and oil, deserved a packaging solution that perfectly matched.https://cms.sig.biz/media/6437/tofusan-products-cmyk.jpg

Working in close collaboration with the expert team at SIG to find the most convenient and modern, yet sustainable, packaging solution, Tofusan opted for combiblocMini aseptic carton packs and flexible filling technology from SIG for its first organic UHT soymilk range. This forward-looking aseptic packaging choice, which blocks out light and air, provides Tofusan with all the benefits of safe long-life storage and transportation, without the need for refrigeration or preservatives.

This unique product and packaging combination opens up new opportunities, both domestically and overseas, to bring Tofusan’s value-added next generation products to market quickly and safely, while appealing to busy, health-conscious Millennials. These lightweight and durable carton packs have super-trendy designs that immediately catch the eye of the consumer.

Suranam Panichakarn, founder of Tofusan: “Thanks to SIG we have found the perfect packaging solution and technology to build and market our UHT product line of premium soymilk. SIG is a reliable partner for us in all matters relating to aseptic filing of innovative and differentiated products. Our close cooperation helps us to secure a stronger business and to meet constantly changing consumer demands.”

Vatcharapong Ungsrisawasdi, Country Manager Thailand at SIG: “What differentiates Tofusan’s organic soymilk is its high-quality natural ingredients that taste as good as traditional homemade soymilk. Opting for our aseptic filling technology and carton pack ensures premium quality, taste and aroma of the soymilk, while retaining natural nutrients. We’re looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Tofusan to give consumers in Thailand and beyond a traditional homemade soymilk experience.”

Both SIG and Tofusan have worked together on product innovation and differentiation as part of SIG’s Value Proposition, which aims to deliver innovative product and packaging solutions that enable businesses to satisfy ever-changing needs.

forrás: sig.biz 2020.01.21