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New Linx ink meets Japan’s latest requirements for coding and marking food and drink.

New Linx ink meets Japan’s latest requirements for coding and marking food and drink.


Linx Printing Technologies has introduced an MEK-free, alcohol-resistant ink specially formulated to comply with the Japan Ethanol Business Act and Japan Organic Solvent Law.

The new Linx Black alcohol-resistant ink 3085 is specifically designed for use in food and beverage manufacturing applications where the packaging and containers are subjected to alcohol during processing.

The specialist ink contains components that enhance its durability and legibility across a range of materials after the production area has been sanitised and specifically withstands hand sanitiser products which are currently in widespread use due to COVID-19.

The ink is designed to resist both alcohol and aqueous alcohol mixtures and delivers a lower solvent consumption than MEK inks. In addition, it is not classified as a CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) and is ‘Drug Precursor’ free, ensuring its applicability across a variety of applications.

Developed for the company’s market-leading Linx 8900 and 8800 Series continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers the fast-drying, dye-based ink delivers excellent print quality and adhesion across a wide range of materials including most plastics, metals, glass and coated card.

“We are very pleased to introduce this new ink formulated to comply with the latest legislative demands in Japan,” said Simon Millett, Linx Product Manager for Inks.

“Alongside delivering the high print quality demanded, the resistance to a range of alcohol mixtures, ensures it is suitable for use on the majority of food and beverage production lines.”


About Linx Printing Technologies Ltd

Linx Printing Technologies is a leading global supplier of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers, case coders, laser coders, thermal transfer printers and thermal inkjet printers. Its printers and coders are used across many different industries where product identification codes, batch numbers, dates and barcodes are required.

All Linx products are designed with low cost of ownership in mind and are distinguished by reliability, robustness and ease of use.  Linx products code and mark millions of items every day, ranging from bottles, packages and cans of consumer goods to pharmaceutical products, cabling, electrical components and car parts.

For more information on Linx’s products and services, visit www.linxglobal.com

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