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First Battery Powered Tensioner and Sealer for Steel Strapping

Designed to address the lack of portability and weight associated with pneumatic tools, Signode Packaging Systems introduces the GripPack battery powered tensioner and sealer for steel strapping. The GripPack tools provide the low weight and portability that operators need but can’t get with air powered tools. Weighing less than 8 pounds each, they provide the same reliable performance as pneumatic tensioners and sealers without the air generation costs and inconsistencies often associated with pneumatics.

The GripPack tools feature 18-volt lithium-ion batteries that together provide over 120 straps per charge. Their lightweight, durable design makes them easy to handle and operate. With one-button operation and performance enhancing features not found on pneumatic tools, the GripPack tools improve the application of steel strapping in heavy-duty hand tool applications.  Features on the GripPack sealer include an LED light that illuminates the seal area for precise application, a strap detection system that eliminates accidental cycling and a green/red LED battery light that displays the battery charge level. On the GripPack tensioner, features include up to 1,500 lbs of tension plus manual and automatic modes.

Signode Packaging Systems is a multinational manufacturer and supplier of plastic and steel strapping and the application equipment and accessory products for each.

Download brochure:  Tensioner

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