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Forbo – Hygiene-Enhanced, Easy-to-Clean, Nonstick Belt

New blue conveyor belt with polyolefin coating meets all food production challenges.

There’s a good reason why polyolefin is an ideal coating for conveyor belts in both the food and tobacco industries. Belts with this coating offer excellent hydrolysis resistance, exceptional release properties and superior chemical resistance to aggressive cleaning agents. Therefore, Forbo Movement Systems’ new Transilon E 4/2 X0/A2 MT-HACCP blue FDA belt (art. no. 906713) with a polyolefin coating is a good choice when conveyor belts need to cope with tough production line demands.

This new belt stands apart because it’s suitable for very small belt returns, even those with fixed knife edges with a minimum radius of 5 mm. What’s more, it can withstand temperatures of up to +60°C. Compared with conveyor belts without polyolefin coatings, it lasts a lot longer despite the moist heat that prevails on production lines.

The nonstick coating also makes it the ideal choice for bakeries or the confectionery industry when products like caramel, nougat and sticky dough are conveyed. Thanks to its extra dirt-repellent X0 underside impregnation, the belt is also hygienic and easy to clean on the bottom too. It’s also blue so actively supports the user’s HACCP concept.

forrás: 2020.06.04