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On-track, cost-cutting belts – Forbo – Siegling

Semi-elastic belt ensures reliable tracking and cost-effective conveyor design in the food industry too.

Forbo Movement Systems has added two more belts for food applications, EL 0/U2 MT-HACCP blue FDA and EL 0/U3 NP-HACCP blue FDA, to its range of semi-elastic conveyor and processing belts (Siegling Transilon EL types).
These two new, blue EL types with their durable and hygienic TPU coatings comply with the FDA and EU standards for direct contact with foodstuffs.
The new belt types are ideal for applications with short center distances, or on conveyors without any control devices or take-up units.

Due to the single-ply fabric design with its elastic warp threads, the belts track extremely precisely and even compensate for minor adjustment faults in the conveyor.

Thanks to the special fabric design, no weft thread distortion occurs so that the belts can be correctly tracked and centered. Examples of this are short and wide transfer belts in the bakery and meat industry, belts for check-weighers or inspection systems. The belts will even operate consistently on very short conveyors where the belt width is greater than the center distance.

If conical-cylindrical drive drums are used, no underside profiles to guide the belt are required and therefore no profile grooves in rollers and slider beds either. For OEMs, this is a key factor in terms of cost savings. If the belts are fitted with enough pretension (1.5 – 5.0%), no take-up unit is required.An Austrian OEM for dough processing machines has successfully tested the two new belt types and already specified them as the standards. What’s more, potential applications are anywhere where very short conveyors apply, particularly in the dough processing, meat and poultry and confectionery industries.These new developments can also be used for all other applications outside the food industry where semi-elastic and laterally stiff, single-ply EL types with blue TPU coatings are advisable.

forrás:  2020.11.19