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Modular general purpose strapping machine simplifies operation and maintenance

Signode’s innovative MOD-GPX features an entirely modular design to simplify maintenance. Interchangeable modular components can be quickly replaced in line by your own personnel for desired upgrades or maintenance without disrupting production. Locator plates, latches and electrical quick-disconnects ensure secure and precise alignment. Built-in diagnostics recognize and identify faults for immediate correction to simplify troubleshooting and minimize downtime.

Designed for high speed, dependable operation with unparalleled durability and flexibility the MOD-GPX increases production speed, reduces operator involvement and simplifies service functions. Available in stainless or industrial grade steel with multiple chute sizes, the MOD-GPX suits a broad range of applications and is easy to integrate into any production line.

Other productivity-enhancing features include patented automatic cut-off and refeed, quick release heat knife assembly to speed up routine maintenance, an integrated work light in the accumulator area to assist with visual inspections and a unique chute design for consistent feeding.
Signode Packaging Systems is a multinational manufacturer and supplier of plastic and steel strapping and the application equipment and accessory products for each.

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