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Nestlé csomagolástörténet képekben 1948-1959


Nestea poster

In the US Nestlé Alimentana launches a soluble tea, Nestea, which is manufactured using the same method as Nescafé, and can be served both hot or cold. Nesquik, which dissolves easily in cold milk, is also launched in the US and becomes a top seller.

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Fondor poster

Nestlé infant cereal has been available since 1948 as a powdered product, but it is now rebranded as Cerelac. Originally only sold as a bouillon cube, Maggi seasoning brand Fondor is launched as a powder. Packaged in a convenient shaker, it can now be used as a condiment in the dining room, as well as in the kitchen.


Canned ravioli is launched under the Maggi brand. Its huge success prompts Nestlé to launch more canned, prepared foods, which become a new growth segment.

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