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SIG’s combibloc EcoPlus, the world’s first and only aluminium-free aseptic carton, has hit the major milestone of 1 billion packs filled

With the launch of combibloc EcoPlus, SIG disrupted the market by eliminating the need for an aluminium foil barrier layer in aseptic beverage cartons for the first time, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Strong and growing demand for this solution is supporting SIG’s ambition to go Way Beyond Good by helping to create a sustainable food supply system that puts more into the environment and society than it takes out.

The 1 billionth pack was filled by DMK Group, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative. As an early adopter of combibloc EcoPlus, DMK Group has played a decisive role in the success story of this low-carbon aseptic packaging solution for the dairy market.

Delivering for the environment

Aseptic beverage cartons already offer a significantly lower environmental footprint than alternative types of packaging due to their high proportion of renewable materials, light weight and efficient design.

combibloc EcoPlus cuts environmental impact even further by using an innovative composite structure to protect the contents without the need for aluminium foil. The pack is made up of 82% renewable paperboard – sourced from FSCTM-certified sustainable sources.

The result is a 28% lower carbon footprint than a conventional SIG carton in the same format, as shown by an independent lifecycle assessment by the independent Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU).

SIG is the only company offering an aseptic carton pack without aluminium. combibloc EcoPlus showcases the company’s commitment to sustainable innovation as it drives progress towards its Way Beyond Good ambition. The innovative aluminium-free structure also forms the basis for SIGNATURE PACK 100, the world’s first pack aseptic pack linked to 100% renewable materials.

Broad market appeal

Climate change has become a mainstream topic for consumers and SIG’s low-carbon combibloc EcoPlus solution is helping customers meet growing demand for more sustainable packaging.

Both sustainable and economic, combibloc EcoPlus appeals across all categories from premium organic to price entry commodity, brands and private labels alike.

combibloc EcoPlus can be filled on standard beverage filling machines from SIG with a simple change to the filling parameters.

„combibloc EcoPlus works for customers and for the planet,” said Frederic Faber, Marketing Account Manager D-A-CH at SIG. “It combines environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness like no other aseptic carton pack available on the market. This unique combination has made combibloc EcoPlus appealing to SIG customers across a broad market spread, from premium brands to private labels“.