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cab, marking solutions from one source

Labels enable identification and traceability, indicate origins, batches or ingredients. cab provides solutions and consumables required for marking.

Access data from anywhere
Transfer protocols may decide which label printer qualifies for an application. The firmware of all current cab printing and labeling systems supports WebDAV. Print data stored in a Cloud memory can be accessed on a printer and processed directly. By making centrally managed label data available worldwide, process reliability increases wherever goods are circulated.

Printing and applying labels automatically
The proven industrial HERMES Q printer can be individually turned into a labeler using various standard modules. cab has newly designed a floor stand to assemble such systems horizontally to a production line. Heights can be adjusted continuous using an integral spindle. As usual, a bracket provides possibilities to mount a unit to regulate compressed air and a warning light.


Dispensing labels precisely even at high speeds
The specifically designed CEON sensors detect tiny differences in height wherever material webs are moving fast. They operate near a peel-off plate on IXOR labeling heads. Along with IXOR’s master encoder, CEON enables labels be applied precisely even on spots that are difficult to access or at high speeds. The textile industry also takes advantage of CEON, for example by temporarily stopping a textile web at a seam of a specific height.

Items assigned identities by labels
cab provides an extensive range of label materials ex stock. Labels can be manufactured also as needed from more than 400 materials. Paper labels are offered smooth and wood-free. Plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester or polyimides resist humidity and extreme temperatures, polyolefin even in cryo applications as low as 196°C below zero.

Proper ribbons
When printing on labels in thermal transfer method, a special foil is heated by the print head on specific spots. Color melts from the layer onto the label surface. cab ribbons dissipate heat in an optimum way to protect the print head. Special backcoating prevents from friction resp. electrostatic charge.

Durable plate marking
cab manufactures high-quality marking lasers for universal use: desktop systems, systems to integrate to fully automatic production lines, protective housings for marking single parts or small series, or systems designed for marking labels of laser-markable foil. cab presents XENO 3, successor of the THS series for metal or plastic type plate marking, in a video:

Company profile
cab is Europe’s leading manufacturer of devices and systems to label individual components, units, products and packaging. Healthy global growth, both technical and functional lead and competent customer support are prior goals of the company. There are 400 employees in Germany and in seven subsidiaries abroad as well as 820 distribution partners in more than 80 countries to meet the targets.

forrás: 2020.12.08