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IPACK-IMA 2018 contributes to the growth of the industrial culture through events and discussion opportunities on topics of interest for the industry as well as on the latest major global trends.

Some examples of discussion topics include industry 4.0, robotics, eco-compatibility of industrial systems, economic development and social responsibility.

The Plan the future area, in cooperation with CONAI the National Packaging Consortium, promotes sustainable packaging development by involving research institutes, associations and academia in seminars, roundtables and workshops.

The exhibition will also host the Packaging Oscars award-giving ceremony organized by the Italian Packaging Institute: the 2018 theme is technological innovation connected to design.

In partnership with top-level international research and consulting centres specializing in innovative, sustainable materials, a specific section of the exhibition will be dedicated to new packaging materials for food and non-food sectors, with special focus on innovation and luxury.

Strong emphasis will also be placed on luxury and fashion with multiple stimuli and innovative packaging solutions, and on the correlated topic of anti-counterfeiting – an issue that today involves all sectors, including food, and that represents a distinctive element of competition supporting the protection of typical and local products.

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