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In order to trace food products and to protect the consumers’ health, many countries around the world have enacted laws that, besides providing for the compulsory indication of some particular information (producer code, laying date, expiry date, …) on the eggs and on the packages containing them, set strict standards as far as printing is concerned. This mandatory requirement turns out to be extremely beneficial to both the consumers and the producers, since it ensures:

  • greater transparency and food safety;
  • total product traceability;
  • competitive differentiation (particularly in those countries where egg marking is not yet required by law);
  • consolidation of corporate image and brand identity, resulting in customer loyalty (mainly in developing countries, where eggs are sold individually, without outer packaging);
  • increased productivity and efficiency.


Zanasi, boasting a long experience in egg marking, has installed many CIJ printers in the poultry sector, mainly Z5000 and Z5000 ITS models. Among the different partners Zanasi had a chance to work with in this field, MOBA is definitely the most prestigious: the Dutch company is the world’s leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines. Recently, Zanasi and MOBA have started a technical cooperation, intended to facilitate the integration of Zanasi systems into MOBA egg grading machines: this is how Z5000 EGGS, a printer equipped with specifically designed software, brackets and connections, was born. In March 2018, after performing a thorough verification, MOBA has issued an official certification, attesting that Z5000 EGGS is fully compatible with MOBA egg grading machines.

Turning to the details, the elements that make Z5ooo EGGS able to guarantee the greatest possible flexibility in coding eggs and egg packages are:

  • a special bracket, purposely developed by Zanasi to mount the CIJ printhead on MOBA egg grading machines. In this way the printhead can be handled freely, according to the application’s specific conditions (i.e. reduced space), and print on either side of the egg;
  • easy integration: Z5000 EGGS is totally compatible with MOBA egg grading machines, and it is sold together with all the cables and connections necessary for being installed on them, as well as with a special software, which avoids the need to buy and install additional programs or components at a later stage;
  • high adhesion and fast dry inks, namely the fundamental prerequisite for obtaining a clear, long-lasting and hard to remove print. These fluids guarantee an excellent contrast, that is to say an excellent readability, on both white and brown eggs, on both cardboard and the other materials the egg packages are made of;
  • the possibility of satisfying more printing needs with only one system: Z5000 EGGS allows to code both the eggs and the packages containing them. The advantage that the producers derive from this is that they don’t have to learn how to use different printers: it is enough that they get acquainted with this one (which is, incidentally, very user friendly), and that’s it. Moreover, they will see the time spent on training their staff drastically reduced, with subsequent increase and improvement of productivity;
  • the structural solidity, represented by the stainless steel cabinet and the high environmental protection, to which are added the vapour condenser and the innovative hydraulic system, which maintain constant the printer’s performances, reduce consumption and prevent long production stops.


Z5000 EGGS software
MOBA cable kit
Special bracket for MOBA application






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