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Forbo – A Conveyor Belt to Safeguard Small Products

A new conveyor belt conveys electronic components safely.

The Transilon E 3/2 U0/U3 MT-HC green (906880) conveyor belt was custom-developed for the electronics industry. The belt is used in flat-screen manufacturing (LCDs, OLEDs), chip assembly (SMT – surface mount technology, thru-hole technology) and in other electronic product segments (smartphones etc).

The new polyurethane belt is highly conductive and prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD). The electronic components are protected from voltage damage and the build-up of dust so that downtime doesn’t occur as a result.

The usually dark components are spotted easily due to the contrasting color of the belt to the product. This puts less strain on the eyes of people working at the belt.

The matte surface offers exceptional grip, making it ideal for precisely positioning small components, even during accumulation processes. The Siegling Transilon belt is fabricated with a Z-splice and approved for 14 mm diameters with counter-bending and for 10 mm rolling knife edges of the type frequently used in chip assembly. Furthermore, tried-and-true Smartseal belt edge sealing is also possible to provide extra protection from any fibers/fluff poking out and therefore contaminating the sensitive items.

forrás: 2020.07.07