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Xaar’s FuturePrint presentation to highlight inkjet printing’s drive into new applications

Leading inkjet technology company, Xaar, and novel jetting technology provider Meta Additive, will demonstrate how Xaar’s technologies and collaborative approach are enabling ground-breaking applications, at this month’s FuturePrint virtual conference.

Titled, ‘Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible’, Graham Tweedale, General Manager of Xaar’s printhead business, will review how Xaar’s unique technologies are pushing inkjet and 3D printing beyond its traditional applications into increasingly new areas.

Graham Tweedale, General Manager, Xaar’s printhead business unit.

Highlighting the culture which exists to drive creativity and innovation at Xaar, Graham will focus on three of Xaar’s technologies – TF Technology, High Laydown Technology and High Viscosity – and explain their contribution to moving beyond the conventional limits of inkjet printing.

In addition, Dr Kate Black, Chief Technology Officer at Meta Additive, will introduce its innovative binder jetting process and explain why the collaboration with Xaar has been an important part of their development process.

Graham commented, “The FuturePrint conference focuses on new technology that enables production to adapt to fast-changing, new markets, and if the last year has shown us anything, it’s the need for agility and innovation.

“Our work with Meta Additive and its binder jetting invention is as creative as it is relevant to today’s evolving manufacturing environment, and above all demonstrates the role that inkjet technology and collaboration between two forward-thinking businesses is playing in pushing the boundaries of inkjet.”

The two-day FuturePrint Virtual Conference will highlight the latest developments within industrial, packaging, labels, commercial and wide-format print technologies designed to meet the needs of customers in 2021 and beyond.

Graham and Kate’s presentation takes place on February 26th at 15.00GMT / 16.00CET. The session is open to all and can be attended by pre-registering at


About Xaar

Together with our partners and customers, Xaar has been transforming the world of inkjet technology for 30 years – and we’re just getting started.

With a new leadership team, new technology and new products, we have an exciting roadmap for the future – that will help our partners unleash the true power of inkjet printing and open up a world of opportunities for their business.

We believe true innovation comes from collaboration, which is why all our teams work together in Cambridgeshire where industrial inkjet was born.

Collaboration is at the core of our global partnerships too – whether we’re helping customers enhance their uptime or create production efficiencies from high-speed digitisation – we’re always innovating together.

We know that inkjet technology can not only maximise the efficiency of our partners’ businesses but help them evolve too. That’s why we go on a journey with our customers – offering expert insights and technical support every step of the way. Just like our printheads, Xaar’s partnerships are built to last.

Welcome to a whole new Xaar.

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