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Becton Dickinson uses the Domino K600i to print codes on their syringe packages for the AstraZeneca vaccine

The vaccine, developed in the UK, by Oxford University and biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is already being distributed across the continent. Becton Dickinson, a leading global medical technology company, was selected by the UK government to provide a large order of syringes and needles called Flu+, to administer the vaccine to patients. These are manufactured at Becton Dickinson’s Fraga plant in the province of  Huesca, Spain.

Domino Amjet Ibérica collaborates with Becton Dickinson in Spain on several printing and coding projects, one of which involves using Domino’s high speed K600i inkjet printing technology to digitally print unique codes onto the outer paper packaging of these needles and syringes being used for the Covid-19 vaccine.

The decision to incorporate the K600i UV inkjet digital printer into the Becton Dickinson packaging machines was a very ambitious move. They needed a solution that would address the printing problems they were experiencing using other marking systems: slow and inefficient changeover with multiple SKUs, too many stoppages and downtime for the replacement of consumables, recurrent print failures and inadequate print speed.

In the Becton Dickinson plant in the Aragonese town of Fraga, the syringe and needle packaging machines work at a very high speed requiring the best quality, fastest and most reliable printing equipment to cope with these high production needs.

Manuel Hernández, Business Manager of Domino Digital Printing Solutions for Iberia and Latin America concludes, “We are delighted that Becton Dickinson chose to integrate the Domino K600i digital inkjet printer into their packaging production line. The K600i was capable of meeting their high quality printing demands and this has resulted in drastically reduced miscoding rejects, with no compromise in print speed, and significantly improved printing costs for Becton Dickinson.”

The K600i is based on Domino’s proven and reliable Generation 6 inkjet technology, of which there are approaching 1000 global installations. To find out more about this versatile, monochrome UV digital inkjet printer and high speed packaging printing, visit the K600i product page:


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